Products of kem Tool Industry

H.S.S. Gear Hobs

The machine forms the gear via a generating process by rotating the gear blank and the cutter (called a hob) at the same time with a fixed gearing ratio between hob and blank. The hob has a profile given in cross-section by the fundamental rack for the gear tooth profile and is in the form of a helix so that the sides of the teeth on the hob generate the curve on the gear. The helix has a number of cuts parallel to the axis to form the cutting teeth and the profile is suitably relieved to provide cutting clearance. These Hobs are for generating gears of maximum accuracy, manufactured in finishing, pre-shaving with or without protuberance and semi topping profiles. We supply them in single or multi-starts in class 'AA' , 'A' , 'B' & 'C'.

H.S.S. Gear Shapers

A gear shaper is a machine tool for cutting the teeth of internal or external gears. The name shaper relates to the fact that the cutter engages the part on the forward stroke and pulls away from the part on the return stroke, just like the clapper box on a planer shaper. To cut external teeth, a different machine called a hobbing machine can be used. We design and produce ground shaping cutters for involute splines, worms and relief machined cutters for sprocket. Product range includes module series, dp series and cp series shapers and different varieties of disc type, hub type and shank type shaper cutters. Click on the link below for the list of gear shaper cutters we manufacture.

H.S.S. Milling Cutters

Milling cutters are cutting tools used in milling machines or machining centres. They remove material by their movement within the machine (eg: a ball nose mill) or directly from the cutters shape (a form tool such as a Hobbing cutter). Side and Face Cutters are supplied from dia 50 mm to 300 mm & width from 5 mm to 50 mm. As per ISS & B85 in M2 & M35 material.Other products include slitting saws and angle cutters.